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New Pet Bathing Tool Comfortable Shower Tool Dog Bathing Glove

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Professional preferred pet shower, uniquely contoured shape designed to wash dogs of all types and sizes
Innovative design controls spraying water, speed up bath time and reduces pet stress
Extra-long 8-foot flexible hose for convenient reach. Includes adapters for connecting to shower bath tub and outdoor garden hose.
Spray Header + Grooming Glove Fit Most Dogs and Cats

Weight: 400g
Size:Hose Length: 250cm/98.4inch;Massage brush 10*10cm/3.94*3.94inch
Package Includes:1 x Shower Ware with Grooming Glove;1 x Faucet Adapters

How to use:
1.Connect the hose to the faucet using a suitable adapter and turn on the faucet switch.
2.Put the shower head on your hand and adjust the tightness of the belt to fit the size of your hand.
3.Turn on the shower head rotary switch, clean the pet.