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Kitchen Wall Shelf Cling Film Cutting Holder Mounted Paper Towel Rack

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SKU: SBCQS000904White-1

--Cutter: The cutter is included in the cutter to ensure cleanliness and distribution of plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
--Function: This wall-mounted large paper towel holder is used to store paper towels, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, garbage bags and some kitchen accessories.
--Easy to install: You can insert any smooth, clean surface with self-adhesive into painted wood, metal, tile, drywall and glass paint.
--The back is equipped with a groove re-entry hole and is provided with an indentation screw.
-Non-marking stickers: with self-adhesive stickers, no drilling, no screws.
--The bottom bar is suitable for paper rolls with a length below 28cm.
--Side button: Easy to remove the paper roll. Just press the button and remove the bottom.

Material: ABS
Color: white, gray
Size: 380 * 85 * 310 mm
Weight: 1000 grams

Package Included:
Cling film cutter