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Dog Outdoor Automatic Water Fountain Feeder

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  • Easy to Use
Dog drinking fountain can be conveniently connected to a faucet or hose offers a gentle stream of water with a simple push on the paw design and allows easy adjustment.
  • Easy to Clean
The pet water fountain is easy to disassemble and clean
  • Keep Your Doggy Heathy

Your pet's health will be enhanced because the better tasting filtered water will translate into more water consumption.

  • Water Flow Control
Get just the amount of water pressure you want.by closing the amount of pressure on the y connector easy to clean.
  • Anti Slip Feature

We have added 4 rubber pieces to support the device better so that the dog water pet fountain stays in 1 position while your dog is drinking.


  • Type:Dogs
  • Material: Iron & ABS & PVC
  • Color: White
  • Size:23.5cm * 24cm * 6cm
  • Weight:0.21 kg

Package Includes

  • Water Fountain Feeder * 1
  • Pedal * 1
  • Discharger * 1
  • Hose * 1