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(8Pcs) Whiskey Chilling Stones

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  • Connoisseur's choice for alternative to conventional ice - Do not melt ice and water down your drinks!
  • Impress your friends and family - Enjoy the best amazement of your guests when you serve up their favorite drinks with your stainless steel whiskey stones !
  • And this drinking rocks gift set is a lot cheaper than buying ice every time !


  • 🎁BE UNIQUE, EVEN WHILE CHOOSING A GIFT - Do You Want to Give a Gift Which Will Be Unique and Memorable? These Elegant Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones Will Definitely Make This Present Unforgettable!
  • 🥃YOUR LAST SIP WILL ALWAYS BE AS PERFECT AS THE FIRST - No More Watering Down Your Whiskey! Click the “Add to Cart” Button and Buy with No Regrets If You Got Any Problem, Our Customer Service Will Always Make It Works for You!
  • ❤️TREAT YOURSELF AS YOU DESERVE - These Whiskey Chilling Stones / Whiskey Stones Stainless Steel Are an Ideal Option for You and Your Friends to Get the Best Out from Your Drink.
  • Cool Your Drink Perfectly
  • BPA Free Whiskey Chillers
  • Rounded Edges Won't Scratch Glasses
  • Easy to Clean - Rinse with Water When Done